17 may. 2016

Postcrossing Incoming! (East) Germany!

Of course not really an incoming from East Germany, but an East German postcard. I believe this is not just a retro card, but a vintage card from the Communist era. So, I love it (I love Eastern Bloc memorabilia almost as much as I hate those regimes).
It shows the "Klubraum" in the FDGB-Erholungsheim Willhelm-Pieck, built in 1976 in Finsterbergen. This was a resort was managed by the FDGB, "Free German Trade Union Federation", arm of the SED (the ruling Socialist Party) in charge of all trade unions.

At least I think that is what the image is, after a little Googling what is printed on the back of the card... Finsterbergen is today part of the city of Friedrichroda, Thuringian Forests, Thuringia.

Here is another view of the building from the outside, on a 1977 postcard. By the way, the Auslese printing company seems to still be around: burghardverlag.de. The card came from Hamburg (which was in the former West Germany).

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