31 may. 2016

AMC Pacer Commercial

It's so wide that you can fit a Pinto, a Vega, a Comet, a Maverick... even a Nova inside! I've always liked the AMC Pacer. You can see some in Chile, and as a kid (when these cars were already at least some 15 years old) it was a fun sight. An UFO on wheels!

And today I also love them. The idea of a wide small car is fantastic, it's styling futuristic for 1975 and the extensive glass area and wider passenger doors very practical ideas. But then, all that extra width and heavy glass made for a heavy car, killing fuel economy after the GM rotary engine that would originally power the Pacer never made it to production. Wankel engines were never the revolutionary solutions they supposedly would, anyway, so the Pacer was probably doomed from the start.

Ad uploaded by Mark Hall.

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