14 abr. 2016

Su-24 "buzzing" over American destroyer

Wow... insane! This happened on international waters close to Poland, where the US navy was performing maneuvers with the Polish. There is a 1973 treaty between the US and Russia, that prohibits this kind of demonstration. Via tamerlane's thoughts.

More info: theaviationist.com/russian-su-24-performs-insane-flyby.

Still, I think this CNN report exaggerates. Is not like a war is going to come from this. Honestly, the fact that the US ship didn't retaliate, makes me feel a little more secure than before knowing this kind of thing happened. 

I do hope the Americans keep assisting Eastern Europe in defending themselves from Russian aggression. Russia has to understand the Cold War is over, and they can't expect to keep on ruling over their former satellites anymore!

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