12 abr. 2016

Santiago, 1981

Some nice pictures from the travelling blog of Percy Harrison Fawcett: phfawcettsweb. He also has pictures from Easter Island there! Nice to see Santiago in 1981. They were there on September 19th, which is a holiday. That must explain why there is so few cars on the streets. Here, a Peugeot 404, Fiat 147 and a Chevy Nova taxi, in front of the "Altar de la Patria" (Fatherland's altar).
La Moneda Palace had just been re-opened on March 11th, 1981; and on that day President Pinochet finally moved there from the Diego Portales building. Nice to see there were some sitting accommodations right in front of the palace.

Cool to see the Cinerama still in place. Also, I didn't know that building on the left was a hotel (El Libertador), and at the same time advertising an AFP (?). 
Edificio Finampro nowadays:
Alameda Bernardo O'Higgins.

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  1. Que bonitas fotos, me recuerdan cuando era chiquitita, parece que fueron tomadas un dia domingo, realmente estaba todo muerto, no como ahora que hasta los domingos hay tacos!!!! gracias x publicar


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