8 abr. 2016

Majorette Dubai Police cars set!

Updated 2016 April 07 // Now with each of the models in detailed pictures from BedouinBKK!

From a Thai collector, posted on Facebook. By the way, this is my post no. 3.000 in this Ripituc blog.

They are amazing! And the Majorette team really nailed the decos, they are just like those on the real cars! I hope these Dubai Police models succeed and see widespread distribution. Majorette still has a couple more models that could be used here...
Tomica already did the Lamborghini Aventador...
Tomica No. 87 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Dubai Police Car

2 comentarios:

  1. Tomica did the Aventador, the Skyline and the SLS AMG.
    The Tomica SLS AMG is reselling at crazy $$$ prices on eBay. Would be interesting to see Majorette do the Skyline as they already did a great job on the current castings.

    1. Yes, but other than the Aventador I think those Tomica were limited releases (that is why I didn't mention them). On Majorette doing the GTR... I'd be hopeful ;)


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