2 abr. 2016

Foxconn buys Sharp!

Foxconn is the brand name of Hon Hai, a Taiwanese company that contract-builds electronics for other companies. It's better known products are various iPhones, Playstations, and the xBox One. This week Foxconn acquired the struggling Sharp Electronics, from Japan.
The deal was in the works for a long time, so it isn't really a surprise to anyone, but I can't but feel a little shocked to see such an established Japanese company being taken over by one from Taiwan, that has most of its operations in Mainland China.

More on the deal:
Here is the official press release (PDF file):sharp-world.com/corporate/news.
By the way, I had no idea, but the Chinese company Hisense already owns the rights to the Sharp brand for TV sets in the Americas, since August 2015. More: cnet.com/news/hisense-to-buy-sharp-america-in-23-7-million-deal/

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