30 mar. 2016

Yue Loong Feeling (裕隆飛羚)

Yue Loong, also known as Yulon, is the biggest Taiwanese carmaker. Which is not to say much, since the Taiwanese auto industry despite trying, never developed like those of Japan or South Korea.

Mostly dedicated to making Nissan models under license in the Republic of China and selling them under the Yue Loong brand, they finally ventured into making a car of its own in the late eighties.

Say helllo to the Yue Loong Feeling 101/102. I was surprised to discover about this car years ago. And I lately found the following videos, that I couldn't wait to share. You can read more info on these cars, in this great forum topic at autoweek.nl. Here is a 1986 launch video, more videos and photos further below..

YueLoong even tried to have Nissan selling its Feeling 101 cars in Japan, as this Automotive News clip from 1987 shows. I also read that the vehicle was shown at that year's Tokyo Motor Show.
Yue Loong Feeling 101 ( 5/1/1987 )

The car wasn't a success. And anyway, to say it was Yue Loong's own car is somewhat of an exageration, since it was based on the Nissan Stanza.
Mr. Sunlight's 1989 Yue Loong Feeling 102 SF

Mr. Sunlight's 1989 Yue Loong Feeling 102 SF

You can see on this images, you can compare the profiles of both YueLoong's made Stanza, and the Feeling 102. 
Yue Loong (Datsun) Stanza

Mr. Sunlight's 1989 Yue Loong Feeling 102 SF

Surprisingly, at least one Feeling found its way to Russia! I suppose this might have been one of those cars sold in Holland, that was then exported second hand to Eastern Europe.

yueloong FEELING 1.8 GTX 1989 07.05.09
yueloong FEELING 1.8 GTX 1989 07.05.09 por celicacamry, en Flickr

More pictures in Taiwan.
Feeling 101, 1986. 7car.tw/articles/read/178.
Feeling 191, 1987 - Computer design 7car.tw/articles/read/1976.
Feeling 101, 1988. 7car.tw/articles/read/113.
Feeling 101 Fastback. 7car.tw/articles/read/239.

Hong Kong star on Feeling ads. 7car.tw/articles/read/559.
Feeling 102 at the showroom. 7car.tw/articles/read/1497.
A couple Feeling 101 Police cars.

Celebrating exports to Europe (which were only a few to the Netherlands, as far as I know, but they still used that to boost Taiwanese sales). 7car.tw/articles/read/525.

European brochure.

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  2. Hola Ramòn tengo referencias de que esta marca se vendio en chile en 1982. El modelo fue el Yue Loong Bobby Truck. Como referencia te puedo dar tres patentes de estos ejemplares: AA1004 (color azul),AA1177 (color blanco),y AA1372, tambien color blanco. Corresponderia a una version pick up del Nissan Vanette, obviamente bajo licencia. Lo que me llama la atencion es que no salen registradas en la tasacion fiscal de vehiculos livianos del SII a diferencia de otras marcas escasas comercializadas en esa epoca.


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