27 mar. 2016

Some Daewoo (GM Korea) commercials


The original Daewoo Labo, from the early 90's. They were sold in Chile, although they were never as popular as the Japanese original.

And Damas.

Another one also sold in Chile, the Daewoo Tico. The Suzuki it's based upon wasn't offered here. Tico's were a big hit in Perú, and are commonly used as taxis.

Back to the future, now past, the GM Daewoo Windstorm (Chevrolet Captiva in Chile).

GM Daewoo G2X.

Chevrolet Spark. This featured prominently not only on Chilean TV but on the TV sets installed inside Metro coaches.

The Matiz, sold under the Formosa brand in Taiwan...

the same goes for the Magnus (Chevrolet Epica in Chile)

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