23 mar. 2016

Some Chilean car dealerships (2016 March)

Some Chilean dealers in Av. Francisco Bilbao, Providencia. In case you are curious! I took this from the bus.

MG models are some of the best looking out there... the MG3 is really attractive and the new GS looks really cool too. And of course, the badge alone just make them a little more desirable than average.
MG - Santiago, Chile
Also made in China are Changan cars... Which oddly use two different logos, the "star fleet" badge for their commercial vehicles, and the newer blue emblem for their passenger cars.
Changan - Santiago, Chile
Suzuki sells cars from a few different origins. Here, the Indian Ertiga and the Hungarian Vitara, both recent additions to its lineup. Also, a photobombing old Kia Avella. Those were popular here but are now hard to spot.
Suzuki Ertiga & Vitara - Santiago, Chile
Chery confuses me. They offer newer models alongside older ones, like in the case of the Tiggo. And they differentiate between them with numbers that doesn't really make sense. Here you also see the Arrizo 5, which is a first for me. I didn't even know they sold that one in Chile.
Chery - Santiago, Chile
Finally, Fiat. Sadly their Alfa Romeo didn't make it in the picture... they offer a nice contrast to those Brazilian Fiat on the left. Also here is the Turkish-made Qubo and the new Fiat 500X (an Italian-made Fiat! Weird).

Fiat - Santiago, Chile

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