10 mar. 2016

Lada in New York City!

Neal Boenzi/The New York Times.
Original caption, from The New York Times Tumblr, below.

April 6, 1973: “Russian Lada with model sporting sable bikini,” explains this image’s unpublished caption, printed on the back, reading like a Nabokovian pun. “The 17th International Automobile Show opened yesterday at the New York Coliseum with a heavy foreign accent,” announced The Times, going on to report that imports dominated that year’s show. There was also a display of specialty cars called “Parade of Power,” which included “a 32-foot-long rocket-powered motorcycle whose inventor says will allow him to jump a mile in the air.”

LadaUSA.net/forum adds the following, from "Cars of the Soviet Union: The definitive history" by Andy Thompson: "Lada's one and only attempt to sell its cars in the United States took place in 1973, when they were put on display in New York. This is the cover of the sales brochure produced at the time, complete with the UAZ 469 also branded as a Lada".

That brochure should be the one on the right here. It has the logo of Satra Corporation, of New York. By the way, using the Lada name on Soviet cars for export but not made by AvtoVAZ wasn't that unusual. In Germany there was the Lada Aleko, and in Chile the Lada Tavria, and the IZH 2715 also had the Lada brand.

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