5 feb. 2016

VIDEO Autoline After Hours Ep. 318: "Bob Lutz: Live, Lively & Unscripted"

There is not a better guest to Autoline After Hours than Bob Lutz. I've shared other of his visits to Autoline before, and if you like his insider stories and car-guy approach at automotive management, you must watch his latest visit to the Autoline studio, with John McElroy, Gary Vasilach, and Csaba Csere.

The name was Jeep Comanche.
Lutz starts telling us about his latest venture, remaking the Fisker Karma into a Corvette-powered beauty, the Destino (official website here).

Then the panel goes on to discuss the end of Scion, the announcement of FCA that there won't be a replacement for either the Dart or the Chrysler 200, the VW diesel cheating scandal (and Lutz's insider comments on Piech's management style), and the return of the Jeep pickup.

All of them great topics, I realy enjoyed this episode and I hope you will too.

Jeep JT Concept, an old concept
of a Wrangler-based pickup.
Original description: SPECIAL GUEST: Bob Lutz, the former General Motors Vice Chairman and current Chairman of VLF Automotive

- An inside look at VLF Automotive and its flagship product
- Brands and Products getting the axe
- What’s the latest with VW and Diesels?

All that and much more with John McElroy, Autoline.tv; Gary Vasilash, Automotive Design and Production; and Csaba Csere, Contributing Editor, Car and Driver.

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