17 feb. 2016

PaykanHunter blog makes Paykan documentary

Shahin Armin, from the PaykanHunter blog, and Sohrab Daryabandari made a 75-minute documentary on the Paykan ( پيکان‎‎  Arrow), that Iranian-made Hillman Hunter that has iconic status on that country. I hope the film is eventually available against Iran, maybe online.

Read all about the documentary here at Reorientmag.com. And also visit PaykanHunter.com, of course, to know more about the car and seeing pictures like those I copy below.
"Miss Iran contestant on the cover of a 1977 edition of Iran’s Zan-e Rooz (Modern Woman) magazine".

Paykan Kar ("Work"), 1971 ad.

Paykan 1967 ad.
"The uncle of one of Shahin’s friends taken sometime in the early 70s".

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