7 feb. 2016

Georgia flag still pretty much the Confederate flag!

Georgia used to have the Confederate Battle flag as part of its State flag until 2001. This was even a source of polemic when Atlanta hosted the 1996 Olympics. So Georgia changed its flag, and most people seem to be happy about it.

BUT the new flag is actually closer to the real flag of the Confederate States of America. You see, the old flag (right) had what is most commonly known as the Confederate flag, but really isn't. See a video explaining that, here (link).

The actual first flag of the CSA was this one you see here.
The same thing, but with a messy shield inside the stars! So I wonder:
1. Is this flag still an issue, or people just don't care?
2. If people don't care, is it because people don't know the flag of the Confederate States of America, and instead only know of the Battle Flags as the CSA flag? Or is it because the new Georgia flag, and that of the CSA, look too much like the USA flag to be offensive?

By the way, the city of Trenton, in Georgia, also sticks to the old Georgia flag including the Confederate Battle flag. More info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trenton,_Georgia

(By the way, I learned all this here: http://vexillogicast.com/notes/011.html).

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