18 feb. 2016

Gambia, Islamic republic of

I didn't know, but The Gambia's President announced the country had become an Islamic Republic, during a speech in December. Bad news for freedom, secularism, and respect of Human Rights, specially of those that don't share the majority Muslim religion. Supposedly though, Sharia is not to be imposed over non-consenting people. We'll see...
The Gambia was already well know for its retrograde and represive laws, for instance, against homosexuality. It will also be interesting to see if The Gambia changes its flag. And also to notice how Western powers doesn't really seem to care much about a country when like in this case, it seems to be of little to no strategic value.

I've never gotten a visitor from Gambia, but if you are from Gambia and are reading this, please leave a comment on this situation!

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