16 feb. 2016

Fiat Toro

Fiat Brasil has officially presented the production version of its new intermediate pickup, the Toro, and it looks really bold! To me, it also looks very Jeep-like, don't you agree? The Toro is built over the Jeep Renegade platform, that also underpins the Fiat 500X. More info here.
My speculation is that the Toro looks the way it does, to make it easily re-done into a little Jeep pickup truck, so FCA can sell it in the USA. Update: I guess the Chicken Tax could prevent it from being imported into the US from Brazil.
By the way, of course its not only me who thinks that. Here Photoshopper extraordinare Theophilus Chin renders a Toro with a Cherokee face, here. And Jalopnik shows it here with a Dodge fascia.

More pictures of the Toro below.

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