17 ene. 2016

Toyota Route Trucks, and Toyoace (1952-1957)

Via M-Base. If I understand the Google Translation right, the article highlights how the Toyoace (right) models offered an affordable 4 wheeled alternative to the then ubiquitous 3-wheelers from Daihatsu, Mazda and others.

But before getting into the Toyoace, this article shows some very interesting commercial Toyotas I'd never seen before, and that came before the Toyoace, all them called "Route Trucks" or "Route Vans". Like this one, "Toyota's first compact SB Toyopet Route Van", seemingly sold since 1952.

(By the way, I'd so love Tomica Limited Vintage to get into these early trucks!)

Toyota stand at the 1954 All Japan Automobile Show. RK truck in front, and your can see a RK bus on the left, too...
The RK bus was launched in 1955, and can be seen here first as a sketch, and below as the production vehicle.
This is the Toyota RK52, released in May 1956.
And finally the last "Route Truck", RK62 launched in January 1957 (or is it RK65?).
And finally, the Toyoace, from 1955. Seems like this was finally the really successful Toyota truck, the one that made 3-wheelers obsolete.

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