16 ene. 2016

Tomica Limited Vintage / Neo 2016 April, May, June!

New Tomica Limited Vintage and Vintage Neo for April to June 2016! Via 829japan.com.

Right: Isuzu Gemini 1987 Patio for June 2016. Seychelles Blue and Mellow Yelow.

April 2016
LV-157a/b Suzuki Fronte SS
LV-157a White

LV-N106c Toyota Supra 2.0 GT / LV-N106d Toyota Supra 3.0 GT
TLV-N106c Black

TLV-N106d Beige

Japanese Car Era:
#8 Suzuki Fronte SS360 Test Car
Stirling Moss' car (more info and pictures here)

May 2016
LV-83c/d Nissan Sunny 1000 2door Sedan DX
TLV-083c White

TLV-083d Blue

LV-N10c/d Nissan Sunny 1500 Super Saloon

TLV-N010c White

TLV-N010d Gold

LV-N122a Nissan Cedric (330) 2000GL

This generation, Cedric 330, was made between 1976 and 1979.
Love the Nissan NAPS badge.

LV-N123a Nissan Cedric Taxi

LV-N124a Honda Ballade Sports CR-X 1.5i

LV-N124b Honda Ballade Sports CR-X 1.5i Special Edition 1984

June 2016
LV-N116b/c Nissan GT-R Premium Edition

LV-N116b White

LV-N116c Black

LV-N119c/d Nissan Leopard 3.0 Ultima Turbo
TLV-N119c Black

TLV-N119d Silver

LV-N125a/b Isuzu Gemini Patio
LV-N125a Yellow.

LV-N125b Blue

These two colours are those featured on one of the famous Isuzu Gemini commercials where the cars "dance" through the streets of Paris.

Nissan Silvia Super Silhouette 1983

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