12 ene. 2016

Postcrossing Incoming! Qingdao, China

Everus (In Chinese "Li Nian", 理念)  is a brand created by Guangqi Honda, joint venture between GAC and Honda. They did it so comply with Chinese policy forcing JVs with foreign carmakers to sell cars with a local name; and to target inland markets, less wealthy than the coastal cities, where people might not have the means to buy a more expensive "real", new Honda.

So far Everus only sells the S1, a re-badged Honda City. But the Everus brand itself was presented in 2008 with the concept crossover that stars in the ad postcard below. I don't really want to receive ad cards... unless they are about cars, of course!

So I asked Happy in Qingdao to swap this one when I saw it on Postcrossing. And here it is, finally, after a trip of almost 2 months.
Everus - China promo postcard

This was the front of the Li Nian concept. 
More info and news on Everus models, here: carnewschina.com/tag/everus

Here you can see pictures of the Everus S1, from Flickr. I recommend you to check out the photographer's accounts as well, if you like carspotting in China!
GuangZhou Honda Everus S1
Everus S1 facelift 01 China 2014-04-15
And I forgot... the stamps! Really nice stamps, inclufing the intricate Budda image, and a cute detail from Happy: A piece of flowered cloth.
China stamps
China stamp

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