13 ene. 2016

More new Majorette 2016: Farm, City

Majorette โมเดลรถเหล็กและเซ็ทราง (Majorette Tailandia) showed many new Majorette on its Facebook page. They are great, and here you can see them.

Majorette โมเดลรถเหล็กและเซ็ทราง (Majorette Tailandia) mostró varios nuevos Majorette en su Facebook, y están estupendos. Aquí se los muestro.

I love the new Tractors, clearly to better compete with Siku in Germany. Don't forget Simba, owner of Majorette, is a German company.
Interesting trucks and a DHL Kangoo, to follow previous DHL models from Majorette!

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