23 ene. 2016

Little Croatia flag surprise

After watching a documentary on the legacies of the Yugoslav Wars, I found out something really interesting about this little flag I bought last year in Santiago. Do you know what it is? If you don't, please keep on reading...
Septiembre, tiempo de banderitas en #Chile. Me cuesta encontrar algunas que no tenga, pero aquí encontré un par: Paraguay y Croacia #flags

As you may know, in September Chile celebrates our National Holiday, and that means street vendors appear selling flags and other Chilean memorabilia. My favourite are tiny flags to stick inside a car's windscreen. They are often sold in pairs, it can be two Chile flags, or a Chilean flag in combination with a flag with our Coat of Arms, your favourite football team, the Mapuche flag or maybe a foreign flag, mostly used to showcase your heritage.
Banderitas - Santiago, Chile
Croatian descendants are not rare in Chile, but I just found the Croatian flag last year (on the left, a very simplified flag of Paraguay). Watching that documentary on the former Yugoslavia, I saw that they said the shield on the Croatia flag actually has a different meaning depending on the order of the checkered field. 
Flag of Croatia today.
The current official Croatian flag's shield starts with a red square... but mine with a white square. That means this flag has the Ustaše shield, representing the fascist Independent State of Croatia! I'm convinced this wasn't done on purpose... it was surely just a mistake, or even more likely maybe, they Googled to look for images of a Croatian flag, and unknowingly chose one without the little shields on top of the big checkered one, that would have made it more difficult to produce. I wish I knew who makes these flags so to ask...
Flag of Croatia under Fascism.
And of course, I got to this conclusion from Google and Wikipedia (Flag of Croatia article here), I'm sure I could be wrong. If you know more, please leave a comment.

By the way, I also got the flag of Australia :)
Banderitas: Chile, Australia (Sept 2015)

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