26 ene. 2016

Ford leaves Japan (and Indonesia)

Ford is leaving Japan and Indonesia. Japan doesn't surprise me that much, it's a tough market for imports, though they have been increasing in the last few years. Seemingly not for Ford, which has been losing money in Japan and also in Indonesia.

Leaving Indonesia though, sounds strange to me. A growing market with lots of potential, I think Ford should have hung in there.
Because of this news, I went to take a look at the Japanese Ford website and Facebook. From the latter, some pictures. Just because these Fords look so strange with Japanese plates! And I think the Ecosport looks like a good car for the market...

 With the guest appearance of a Lincoln (!).

Ford in Japan offered the same cars that it sells in the rest of the world (One Ford at work). So we are not gonna miss any of those interesting Japan-only Fords of old.

They also sold US Fords in the past...

The rest of my selected Ford Japan pictures.

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