15 ene. 2016

Bernie Sanders leads

I consider myself center-right, and I want Sanders to be the next United States President. I was going to say "but", but thinking it better, there is no contradiction. Republican candidates are scary and idiotic, and Hillary Clinton seems corrupt and unwilling to do the necessary changes to make the United States' economy fairer, and better protected in case of a new financial meltdown. Here is the report on this latest polls putting Sanders in the lead, from The Young Turks.

Yes, he calls himself a Socialist, but that is obviously on the line of a Social-Democrat, and shouldn't be interpreted in the justifiably scary Cold War meaning of "Socialist". I think he is too extreme in some issues, but at the same time I think he wouldn't be able to do everything he proposes. He has to be more moderate, and probably end up in a more rational middle ground.

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  1. The ad that popped up for this video was for the Cadillac Escalade.


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