30 dic. 2015

Send me a postcard

If you sent me a postcard with your address, I could send you one back!

My address: 
Ramon Rivera 
CAS 171, Correo 29 
7509002 Providencia 


For swap (Updated for January 2016): http://ripituc.blogspot.cl/2015/11/chilean-postcards-for-swap-november-2015.html

I like taking pictures (@RiveraNotario on Flickr and Instagram / follow me!). 
* Cars 
* history (specially the Cold War era) 
* Flags and countries. 
I like Pokémon and collect diecast car models.

I've been posting my direct swaps here: http://ripituc.blogspot.cl/search/label/Incoming

I've always loved stamps and postcards. My favourites are those with street scenes, or national symbols. Bonus points if there are cars in the streets :)

I also love the 80's and 70's, so old postcards would be awesome. Maybe even old used postcards from the 80's or older, inside an envelope.

I'm eager to read about you and how is to live in your country! Don't hesitate for fear of being "politically incorrect", I'd love to know how you feel about current issues on your country.

Please don't send self-printed cards or promotional cards.

Try to use many stamps instead of one, if you can!

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