15 dic. 2015

Majorette 2015 mini catalogue

Checklist? Listing? Catalogue? I don't know how to call this wonderful little spread-out included in the new multipacks from Majorette. It shows the latest models by the company, let's check them out!
First of all: There is NOT A SINGLE SEDAN CAR! Whoa. This actually represents a trend in Europe, and increasingly in the world, of prefering hatchbacks and wagons to saloon cars. Of late, those hatchbacks are "evolving" into what are called crossovers.

I love the fine job Dickie, the German parent company of Majorette, has done balancing a good amount of German cars and keeping French vehicles too. I was a little afraid France could be a little underepresented since Dickie took over, but they have only improved their models selection and execution.

By the way, I'm calling it a 2015 Catalogue, but Majorette doesn't actually define their offerings by year.
So, 47 models in their "Street cars" line, what I'd call their regular 200 range. The cars which, as far as I understand, are sold everywhere Majorettes are available. 

Tally by brand:
Alfa Romeo: 1
Audi: 3
BMW: 4
Chevrolet: 2
Citroën: 2
Dacia: 1
Fiat: 1
Ford: 2
Genty: 1
Honda: 1
Lamborghini: 3
Mercedes-Benz: 3
Mitsubishi: 1
Nissan: 1
Opel: 1
Peugeot: 3
Porsche: 5
Range Rover: 1
Renault: 6
Toyota (Lexus): 1
VW: 3

We see that Majorette finally decided to stop offering older models, which I think is a good thing. Their range now looks really sleek. Renault wins, making it 7 if one includes the Dacia Duster (as one should). The other French standard, Peugeot-Citroën has 5. From Germany, there are many Porsches (5), 3 for Audi, VW and Mercedes each. And finally, an Opel! Is the first for Majorette, and really the first Opel for mainstream diecast in a while, save for Welly's Astra, and a few Speedsters. 

I miss the Toyota FJ Cruiser and the Seat León. I think they will still appear in multipacks. At least I recently saw the León in red in a 10-pack. I think those are very interesting castings, I specially like the Seat, but I see the car might be a little old by now. 
And remember, more new models are coming. We have already seen pictures of:
Citroën C4 Cactus (pictures here): An amazing choice, as the real car looks like a toycar for real life. Also, it comes in many bright colours, and I think that is always a plus in small scale.
Renault Twingo (pictures here): As is a tradition for Majorette, the Twingo has a place in the range. What about making its brother the smart fortwo as well?

Here, I want to do some more requesting/speculation. What other models do I think we could see next? Disclaimer: This are just my thoughts, I don't have any information on these models actually appearing.
* There should be some new Renault, and the Captur would just be perfect. Very popular in France, this tall Clio also comes in playful colours (like the Cactus).

* What about making a new Seat, like the beautiful Ibiza, or maybe putting another VW product on its place, an Skoda? Skodas are very underepresented in diecast, for how popular they are in Europe. And the new Fabia looks really cool! The Rapid Spaceback would also look the part. Please!

* I also miss more Fiat cars. I love the Giulietta, but the new Giulia should also have a place (most likely replacing it, sadly). And for Fiat itself, the 500X makes most sense. I'd rather see the newest Panda (or the Uno), but the 500X sounds more logical. Oh, and the new Fiat 124 Spider!

* I miss some big European sedan. And the VW Passat would make a good choice. Also, to use it as...

* Taxis! There is none. I think Majorette could something similar to their S.O.S. models (detailed further ahead on the Catalogue), with Taxis from different countries.

* There are no Chryslers! What about a big American muscle sedan, like the 300C or the Dodge Charger? Or maybe one of the new cool Cadillac. But more important... where is your Jeep?

* I'd love to see at least another Opel in the range. Astra? Mokka? Better the future Insignia when it comes.

* What about the MG3? It looks like a MINI (but better), has cool colours and contrasting roof decos, and has a well known brand.

* I'd like to see a Mazda. They are making gorgeous cars now. I'd love to see the Mazda 6 Wagon Diesel, but probably the Miata would make the most sense. Both Matchbox and Tomica are coming out with one, but the Majorette would be better.

* New Volvos look good. I'd love to see the Volvo V40 done.

* Finally, what about about some old car? Every Majorette is a current vehicle. I think the company could test the waters and make a classic. And by that they could right an ancient wrong... Majorette never did a Citroën 2CV. This could be a good time for that. Also, VW Beetles sell well, so that one should go in too.

Back to the real Catalogue! The following sections, like the Racing, Construction and S.O.S. are only sold where the local importer requests them, S.O.S. models also existing in country-specific decos (not shown here). 
I really like to see a Porsche Panamera in German Police deco is going to be available everywhere. The VW Amarok generic deco, on the other hand, looks way to unreal, and very American. It would have looked better on the Ford F-150 or the Silverado, but I suspect the VW might have been chosen because of the size of the emergency light.

The construction machines are perfect, and round up an amazing line up. My congratulations to Dickie and the Majorette team, in Germany, France and Thailand!

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