21 nov. 2015

VIDEOS Russia bombing of Syria

These are some of the videos that the Russian Ministery of Defense (links: official Twitter and Youtube) has been publishing of their Syria bombings. At least they say that is what they are.
Tu-95 from Wikipedia... not from the latest bombings, but it is a really nice pic.
But whatever, the videos are impressive, and I'm loving those shots of the Cold War bombers... SO RETRO!

Original English caption: "Strikes with cruise missiles launched from Tu-95MS missile-carrying aircraft against ISIS objects".

Of course, you never get to see the bombs actually destroying whatever targets they are falling upon. Which would be the most interesting thing.

So far, Russian and French bombings sound like they were very effective and focused on specific military targets. But it sounds hard to believe that at least some of their bombs are not, by mistake or political reasons, falling on civilian buildings and other not necessarily justifiable targets. And in the Russian case, if they might be bombing non-ISIS Syrian rebels (which might still be a good thing).

"За наших и за Париж!" which for what Google tells me think means "For us and Paris!". Original description: "Летчики и техники с авиабазы Хмеймим отправили свое послание террористам срочной авиапочтой", "Pilots and technicians of Hmeymim airbase have sent by priority airmail their message to terrorists".

Original captions: "Боевые вылеты Дальней авиации ВВС РФ по объектам террористов в Сирии", "Combat sorties of the Long-range aviation of the Russian Air Force against terrorists in Syria".

"Стратегич.ракетоносцы дозаправились ночью в ходе боевого вылета с крылатыми ракетами", "Strategic missile-carrying aircraft performed air-to-air refuelling in the course of the combat sorties with cruise missiles".

There are some beautiful shots of Sukhoi too.

Original description: "Сопровождение Су-30СМ ракетоносцев Ту-160, выполнивших пуск крылатых ракет над Средиземным морем", "Su-30SM fighters met and escorted Tu-160s, which launched cruise missiles over the Mediterranean".

This one is a little older, from Nov. 17th.

Captions: "Массированный удар самолетами Дальней авиации по объектам инфраструктуры ИГИЛ в Сирии. 17 ноября экипажами самолетов Дальней авиации Ту-160, Ту-95МС, Ту-22М3 нанесены массированные удары крылатыми ракетами воздушного базирования и авиабомбами по объектам инфраструктуры ИГИЛ на территории Сирии".

"Massive airstrike on ISIS objects in Syria carried out by long-range bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces. On November 17, crews of Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3 long-range bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out strikes with air-based cruise missiles on the ISIS objects on the territory of Syria".

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