24 nov. 2015

VIDEO Shooting of Russian rescue helicopter

This was posted by the Aviationist as the video that most likely shows Syrian rebels destroy one of the two Russian helicopters that went on the rescue operation after Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24.

I want to know who this group is. They have their own Youtube channel, they shouted the usual "God is Great" when the helicopter exploded, and they use the old Syria flag that was supposed to represent the "good", moderate Syrian opposition. I think they are related (or are the same as) National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces.

Google translates the name as "Coastal First Year", which sounds ridiculous. Any better translation of: الفرقة الاولى الساحلية?

At the same time, the video name is translated as: "First Division Coastal distinctive destroy a helicopter missile Jintao on the infidel axis" ("Jintao" could be TOW, for the missile, maybe?). Original: الفرقة الأولى الساحلية مميز تدمير ‫‏طائرة‬ ‏مروحية‬ بصاروخ ‫‏تاو‬ على محور ‫‏كفرية

The shooting down of the Su-24 that motivated the presence of those helicopters there has also been uploaded. What a time we are living on... this is almost war on streaming!

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