22 nov. 2015

Tomica Limited Vintage 2016 January - Suzuki Fronte SS360 (Stirling Moss)

When I first heard the old Suzuki Fronte SS360 (LC-10) (スズキ・フロンテ) was coming back in different colours as a new Tomica Limited Vintage, I wasn't excited at all. 

No.88 Nissan Elgrand road patrol car
No.98 Honda S660

LV-N106c Toyota Supra 2.0GT Twin Turbo 88's Type (Black)
LV-N106d Toyota Supra 3.0GT Turbo 86's Type (Beige/Brown)
LV-157a Suzuki Fronte SS360 69's Type (White)
LV-157b Suzuki Fronte SS360 69's Type (Green)
LV-Nihonsha no Jidai 08 Suzuki Fronte SS360 Taiyou no Michi Test Car (68's Type)

I already have this casting in a couple colours...

And then I saw this:

The Suzuki Fronte SS360 LC10 Milano-Roma-Napoli from 1968, driven by Stirling Moss! 
Via Stary Japoniec.
A lovely piece of Japanese car history, a great memento to have in small scale! I didn't know what Taiyou no Michi Test Car was, but now I get it.

From Wikipedia: In November 1968 came the Suzuki Fronte SS 360 with 36 hp (27 kW), with the sportier yet Suzuki Fronte SSS to follow in April 1970. The SS was the quickest kei-car yet, managing to break the twenty second barrier in reaching 400 metres from standing with 19.95 seconds.[9] The car had different wheels and also featured a rev counter[11].
Via Stary Japoniec.
It was introduced with an unusual marketing stunt: racing driver Stirling Moss and TT-winning motorcycle racer Mitsuo Itoh were engaged to drive two SS Frontes (one red, one pale yellow) on a high-speed demonstration journey along Italy's 750 km (466 mi) Autostrada del Sole leading from Milan to Napoli. In the end, the average speed attained was 122.44 km/h (76.08 mph), respectable for a car with an engine smaller than those of most motorcycles.[15] The original car currently resides in Suzuki's museum in Hamamatsu.
Suzuki Fronte 360SS, Wikipedia.
Below are the white and white Frontes, and the tweet that is the source of these pictures.

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