29 nov. 2015

Fiat Tipo is back!

The Tipo name is back to the Fiat stable in Europe, although now with a boot. The name will be also affixed to later hatchback and station wagon versions, but so far only a sedan is being launched.

This might seem unusual for a car in the Euro market, and that is because this new Tipo comes from Turkey, where saloons are still popular.

More info at Quattroruote, who also made this video.

The car, called Aegea in Turkey, is built there and was co-developed between Fiat and Tofaş. It replaces de Linea, so I'm guessing it will also make it to Chile, where that car is sold.

Some technical details, from Autocar: "Up front, there’s an orthodox mix of 1.4-litre (94bhp) and 1.6-litre (108bhp) petrol Fiat group engines, along with 1.3-litre (94bhp) and 1.6-litre (118bhp) Multijet II diesels".

Prices in Italy will go from 14.500 to 19.900 euro, with the base gasoline version going for just 12.500 euro as an special offer for its launch only.

This new Tipo sports a bold new face for Fiat, very different from the most Italian looking fascias that have graced Fiats of late. 

It reminds me of the front used in China for the Fiat Viaggio, the hatchback version of the Dodge Dart (in turn based on the Alfa Romeo plattform).


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