26 oct. 2015

Postcrossing incoming! Latvia, Daugavpils

Another incoming postcard! This time from Claudi, a contact in the Postcrossing proyect. This time it is a couple cards in envelope from DaugavpilsIt is the second largest city in Latvia! And I didn't even know it existed. Shame on me :)
Latvia postcards
Flag of Daugavpils.
Claudi tells me about both buildings. The church above is the St. Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Chapel, this being one of the 4 big religions in the city, including the very conservative "old believers", something else I didn't know about. She also says there is a hill in Daugavpils where churches form the four religions stand together. That is really nice!

Meanwhile, the building below is the Vienības Nams, a cultural and social center that holds many services, like a theater, a fitness centre, a library, a café and a tourist information centre and gift shop. It was built between 1936 and 1937.

Finally, something else I learn from Claudi is that there are 4 main regions in Latvia: Latgale, where Daugavpils is located, Vidzeme, which holds Riga, Zengalelin and Kurzeme.

You can go to the official website of Daugavpils, here: http://www.daugavpils.lv/

Small orthodox church in Daugavpils, Latvia,
By Beth on Flickr.

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