23 sep. 2015

Volkswagen diesel fraud scandal

VW cheated the EPA emssion testing of its 2.0 Diesel engines, by installing a software that made the car realize when it is being tested, so to produce less emitions. I'm still shocked by how elaborate this trick was. People on top must have known this was going on. Some 11 million cars have this software.

In this context, I wanted to share some videos on the subject. First, the analysis by John McElroy from Autoline.

VW speaks of "openess and transparency", but the company has been weak on recognizing its despicable behaviour. Except for VW's USA CEO, during the launch of the 2016 Passat, who said: "Our company was dishonest (...) we totally screwed it up". Here is his statement.

The official statement by Martin Winterkorn is much weaker.

Volkswagen will at least get hit by millions on fines from the EPA. But we should expect the same from other regulators around the world, and from private and collective lawsuits from owners of this cheating cars.

How will VW fare financially after this? I'm worried that if if loses mount too high, the company might finally decide to axe the Seat brand.

Finally, I want you to read this very good article by Paul Niedermeyer, on why he thinks Diesels will inevitably decline in popularity on cars, because gasoline engines are much easily adapted to tougher emission regulations. Coolest thing is, he wrote this years ago!


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