5 ago. 2015

Scion iA is a Mazda 2 Sedan!

This is post 2400!!!

I knew it had to be some rebadge (as the new iM is an Auris), but of course I thought it had to be some obscure new Toyota I didn't know about. Now that I see Autoline pointing out the origin of the iA, I see it clearly.

I think the badge engineering works really well here. A good car, and the front is bold and different, it looks cool to me. It is a young brand, after all. And business-wise, it seems logical. Scion wants more volume, and Mazda decided not to sell the new 2 in the US.

The Hiroshima brand will surely welcome more production, and I'm wondering if part of this deal might be a way for Toyota to help independent Mazda, as it has done similar things with other Japanese companies in the past.
Interestingly, the iA its made at Mazda's plant in Mexico. By the way, Mazda 3 sold in Chile come from there too. I'm not afraid of the quality of those cars, but having a Mexican-made car instead of a "Made in Japan" one, does make it loose some coolness to me.

Mazda 2 sedans will also be made in Thailand.

Read more about the Scion iA on Car and Driver (they really really liked it!) and Jalopnik.

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