30 ago. 2015

NHK's Japanology: The Kei Car

Documentary on a Japanese automotive tradition: the kei car. There are interesting details and curious footage. The hightlights: The creation story of the Subaru 360, and an interview with the designer of the Kei-camper van (which I like even more because I have the Tomica model, and it is amazing!).

The most strange thing about this documentary might be that, maybe because NHK is the public broadcaster, car brands are not named. There is, for instance, a R&D interwied, but they don't say what company is he from.
The program is from 2013. Today, tax benefits for buying kei cars have been reduced. I have yet to search about how that might have already impacted the Japanese market.

It should make bigger cars more popular in Japan, allowing Japanese companies to focus more on developing cars in sizes that make popular exports. I guess it might also make imports more popular on Japan itself.

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