3 ago. 2015

New Maisto for 2015

From Maisto's 2015 Catalogue, here are some newbies we should expect in the small scale, Matchbox-sized "Fresh Metal" range. Not many new additions, but a couple are of interest.

First of all, the Chevrolet Silverado 2015, done by Matchbox but still a welcomed addition. These come from a series of pickup and trailers, "Heartland Haulers" (Page 87), and don't seem to be available as singles, at least at first.

Also coming are a couple more Chevy vehicles. The new Camaro, which I guess will be made by many others, and one that might quite well come only as a Maisto: The Chevrolet Colorado. That is one to get!
Deceivingly, recolours of old GM concepts from the early 00's are labeled "NEW". Also coming is the 2015 Mustang, and more interestingly, a Ford Transit Connect, Hong Kong taxi! How cool, and odd, is that?
 It is also a newer generation than the Matchbox model.

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