22 jul. 2015

Carspotting in Moscow

Today I want to do a shootout to this great blog: "Spotted... cars in Moscow", a cool view to the vehicles that car loving guys like us can find in the Russian capital, and other cities. To convince you to visit, here are some examples:

GAZ-53A at an Exhibition: A very unusual GAZ truck, from the VDNKh Exhibition (more pics here).
Of course, classic Soviet cars are also included, like this gorgeous Moskvich 408.
And on this blog entry, there are some really neat Pobeda cars exhibited, and also a directory to the rest of the classic cars shown there.
Finally, this blogger also pictures new cars, like the current generation Ford Mondeo/Fusion, and old American cars found on Russian streets, like this Mercury Grand Marquis.

Slightly off-topic: If you are interested in Carspotting in China, I recommend this Flickr: Navigator84. And of course, for Carspotting in Santiago, visit my Flickr! /RiveraNotario.

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