22 may. 2015

Škoda Favorit films from 1988

First, the cool promo movie in English.

I love the asimmetrical front with the badge on the left. Such approach has never catch on, and reminds me of other cars from the East, the last modernized Wartburg and Trabant.

And here is a review to the new Škoda Favorit, from 1988. It is in Czech, so again I don't understand a word, but it's nice to see this little film about the last Škoda developed under communism and without VW involvement. It was at last a modern, front wheel drive hatchback from Czechoslovakia!

Yes, the clip shows many long and boring interviews (I think they've got to be boring even if you understood them), but you can skip them for some nice shots of the car. I like the contrast of the new Favorit with the ancient looking cars on the streets, those Škoda was making until then.

And this is a modern report on the Favorit. Same problem with the language, but anyway, cool shots of the production line, and images of the development and design, which originated from a Bertone proposal. 

Finally, also on the Favorit is this 1989 Top Gear test.

Slightly off-topic: The report above from TV Nova uses a song that sounded extremely familiar... it is a Czeck cover of Umberto Tozzi's Stella Sai (which I remember listening in Spanish, "Claridad") by Michal David called "Třetí Galaxie", from 1982.

And if you got this far, here is an interesting extra on the Favorit I didn't remember knowing before: There was a sedan version ready for production, but it was never made. Read more at auta5p.eu/katalog/skoda/favorit_09

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