28 may. 2015

Sergio Marchionne on the future of Lancia

I've long been wondering about the future of Lancia. The latest future plans from FCA didn't even mention the historic brand, and today the only real Lancias are now the Ypsilon and the Delta. Luckily I came across this video from last year, in which Sergio Marchionne is asked directly about Lancia by fans of the brand.

He says that Lancia is going to become an Italy-only affair (although at least as I write this, it is still also on sale in France and Spain).

Marchionne makes it clear that Fiat is not going to invest on new Lancias, having chosen to put its money on Alfa Romeo instead. He seems to know and care about the heritage of the Lancia brand, but claims that in 10 years of investing, it has turn no profit. Neither has Alfa Romeo, by the way, and facing with having to spend millions again in reviving a luxury brand, Marchionne decided to put it all on Alfa, arguing that it has a worldwide recognition Lancia lacks.

And he is right about that! It makes business sense, which makes the situation of Lancia even more sad. His decision of making Lancia Italy-only must mean that either the Lancia brand will soon die even in Italy, their current models will have to soldier on many years more, or that FCA will put on sale rebadged cars from some other makes as Lancias.

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