7 may. 2015

Russian "tank cars" for WWII Victory Day

I don't understand these posts fully, because everything is in Russian (so sorry if there is anything offensive). But I want to share with you the наберлин ("to Berlin", I think) hashtag, that on Twitter and Instagram shows how some Russians are celebrating 70 years from defeating Nazi Germany, decorating their cars. The coolest is this Skoda disguised as a tank...

Nick Morozov explained me the hashtag. You can see his blog here nickmix01.livejournal.com

Isn't it at least a little ironic to see the Berlin reference on a Volkswagen?

Una foto publicada por Нуржан Кенесарин (@nurzhan.kenesarin) el

Now THIS is better, a Lada!

Una foto publicada por Crazy_mama (@gaechkina163) el

Una foto publicada por Denis Kiselev (@deniskiselev) el

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