20 may. 2015

New AWESOME Tomica Limited Vintage revealed: Alfa, Silvia Silhouette, Prairie, GT-Rs!

¡Nuevos GENIALES Tomica Limited Vintage: Alfa, Silvia Silhouette, Prairie, GT-R!

As usual, Tomica brings us fantastic news for its Limited Vintage range. This time its not only quality, but quantity. So many amazing upcoming models! This is because news come from the annual Shizouka Hobby Show.

Via reports from 829japan.com and lamleydlm.blogspot.com. Yes. Alfas are coming!

The new Italian additions are the Alfa Romeo 1750GTV, GT1300 Junior and GT1600 Junior. Release date to be announced.

How cool is that? Foreign classics in the Tomica Limited Vintage line! So many, really endless possibilities!
First, let's see models closer to their release date.

LV-153 Nissan Skyline. Release date: August 2015.
LV-N108 Toyota Crown Custom. Release date: August 2015.
LV-N89c Hino HE366 Transporter. Release date: September 2015.
LV-N109a Nissan Safari. Release date: September 2015.
LV-75b Nissan 3.5 tons Truck (Nissan Service). Release date: October 2015.
LV-80b Nissan 3.5 tons Truck. Release date: October 2015.
Nissan Skyline 2000 4 door Sedan. Release date: October 2015.
But my favourite of all these announcements is this: The Nissan Prairie! Release date: October 2015.
223 Nissan Praire (1984)

Let's go to models coming further in the future.

These are really cool: Two Nissan Silvia Turbo Silhouette (S12 and S110). Release date to be announced.
日産 シルビア

Nissan Vision GT 2020 Concept GranTurismo, a design originally for the video game, but then made into a real life model by Nissan. Release date to be announced.

Nissan clearly has an special arrangement with TLV-N. Many more Nismo GT-R are coming! Release date to be announced.
This will be the Nissan GT-R 2014. Release date to be announced.
Finally, the future new ChoroQ Zero will be all about old Volkswagen: Beetle, Squareback, Golf and Kombi.

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