23 may. 2015

Majorette for Japan (by Kabaya)

For many, many years Majorette (マジョレット) models have been sold by Japanese company Kabaya (カバヤ食品), always alongside some candy (I don't really why is that, by the way, does anyone know?).

I just found out Kabaya has a dedicated website for its Majorettes, showing the next models to come. In this post I want to share them with you.

Most of the cars are the same as anywhere else. But the Japanese market has some exclusive decorations for its emergency vehicles. On the right you see my favourite, the Dacia Duster in Japanese Police colours. Super unrealistic (as most of these are) but I just love this casting! You can see the rest of the police cars after the jump.

Newer releases: For March 2015, I see the Lamborghini Aventador in yellow, really good looking model that can be seen below "in the flesh", from another Japanese blog.

This Aventador is from http://f90q.blog60.fc2.com, who also shows us this striking AMG Mercedes SLS in yellow (which is sadly likely a custom, as other models in his blog).
By the way, most of these pictures come from Kabaya's website, but I also found some screenshots of whole groups of cars here: minkara.carview.co.jp/yuuki0825. This other batch of 6 new models consists of supercars in matte paint. I'm not sure I had seen the Gallardo in red before.
The Japanese range seems to consist of 42 models, that are listed on the website and on a PDF file. Those series of 6 models above, and the 6 following Police cars (including the Duster on the top of the post) are listed separatedly, and I don't yet know how the system works.

These are part of the "regular" 42 models, but exclusive to Japan.
I wonder how will Kabaya integrate the upcoming new exclusive decorations that BedouinBK preview for us a while ago (further discussed here). They are not my taste, and that Mustang seems set to go against Hot Wheels, but I kinda like the Porsche and Fiat 500.

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