8 may. 2015

70 years of Victory Day

Today is 70 years since the capitulation of Nazi Germany. Tomorrow is the big parade in Moscow, but sadly because of Putin's invasion of Ukraine we will see no Western leaders in attendance. Things were different ten years ago..
Tim Sloan/Agence France-Presse, via The New York Times
There is a cool map on Wikipedia comparing the dignataries that came to Moscow in 2005, and those that will make it this year.
This will mean Putin will welcome leaders from top countries like Zimbabwe, Cuba, North Korea (but not even Kim Jong-un) and Venezuela...

... China will be there too. They released a nice video with Chinese people giving their impressions about Russia.

Totally non-scripted not-propaganda, of course..
But what I really wanted to show you is this: The little Soviet badges I have, celebrating the end of the war. Badges like these were cheap souvenirs on their day, and I really like them. They don't make stuff like this anymore!

Una foto publicada por @riveranotario el

Una foto publicada por @riveranotario el

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