30 abr. 2015

40 years ago: The Fall of Saigon

The most powerful country in the world forced to flee from a tiny Asian country. Driven away by Communists taking over its capital. It must have been a terrible sight for the Americans. Or were they just happy to see the end of the Vietnam War?

I'm not American, and I wasn't around back then, but I see this images today and it is just so shocking. How could this ever happen! 

Refugees crowding the helicopters, many left behind. The Vietcong entering the Presidential Palace. Helicopters being thrown overboard to make room for more fleeing South Vietnamese.
Francoise De Mulder - Roger Viollet/Getty Image, via Time.
The most saddening part might be the fact that two Americans died the very last day of fighting (April 29th). Can you have worse luck than that? And of course, tragic is also to know that Saigon didn't have to fall, had the United States not defeated itself and decided to let it happen.

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