7 mar. 2015

MotorWeek 84: Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Motorweek again. They keep uploading awesome old reviews to their youtube account. Here is Motorweek '84 testing the new Oldsmobile Cutlass for that year. 

Oldsmobile sold 1,144,225 cars in 1984. '85 would be even better: 1,165,649 Olds sold, the second best performing brand, beating Ford. It would drop to half that in only 3 years, and things would never recover. 20 years after this review was made, the brand was terminated.

I'm not going to analyse the downfall of Oldsmobile. You can read about that (and more!) on the Curbside Classic Complete Cutlass Chronicles Central*. But just take a look at the terrible quality control on Motorweek's Cutlass. I've seen many of their reviews, and I don't recall other cars with loose trim like that!

* Also interesting are GM’s Deadly Sin #1 and GM: How The Giant Lost Its Voice – An Insider’s Perspective.

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