13 mar. 2015

ISIS enemies as barbaric as ISIS?

War is the worst, of course. And so it shouldn't really surprise anyone, but news came up of numerous videos and photos showing anti-ISIS combatants in Iraq (including what look like Iraqi Army soldiers) commiting some of the same attrocities of ISIS, and then uploading the pictures to social media.

ABC News brought that to light with a really good report that you can (and should) see here: abcnews.go.com. The Young Turks also commented on the issue yesterday, included some of the (obviously censored) images, and I agree on most of their conclusions.

What I find maybe even more surprising is that some of the accounts shown in the video are still up on Instagram! Some of them are private (you have to request the accounts permission to follow them), but there are some extremely graphic pictures to be found on open accounts, showing severed heads, and people with their brains out, for instance.

I don't know what to think about that. Should Instagram censor these images, or should they be available for everyone to see? War is awful and we should never forget it. And these pictures are a perfect reminder of that.

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