26 mar. 2015

40 years ago today... Princess presented to the public

The 18-22 series by British Leyland were presented to the public on March 26th, 1975. The company was again in serious trouble, and the car was not very successful. But it surely looks unique!

To commemorate the anniversary, here are some fantastic films made by BL for its launch.

Learn more about the cars on Austin Rover Online: aronline.co.uk/blogs/cars/austin-morris/princessambassador.

UPDATE: On the 26th, fans of the Princess gathered at the Cowley plant where the car was built (and that now makes MINI). Harris Mann, who designed the Princess in the early 70's was also present. Here is the link to see more, from the Oxford Mail.

It first came out as an Austin, a Morris and a Wolseley (being the last Wolseley ever), but later they would all be sold just as Leyland Princess.

This is one of the surviving Wolseleys.

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