5 feb. 2015

Some of the new Majorette decos, in the flesh

These pictures come, again, from Niels' excelent contributions at the Majorette 2015 topic on the MCCH. There, he shows the final versions of some models shown before on Majorette's catalog.
My favourite is the VW Beetle GSR, representing a real vehicle offered by Volkswagen, that itself revives a limited edition car sold in the 70's (and looking somewhat like the original Bumblebee from Transformers). 
Picture: Motor Trend.
Does anyone know if the Camaro represents a real car? Meanwhile, the Mustang looks badass in green and black.
Update: Thanks to a comment for letting me know the Camaro is this: a Chevrolet Camaro GS.R from the  Momentum Race team, on the IMSA CTSCC series.

What I don't like are the generic emergency vehicles, for countries that don't specificaly order models done on their national colours. These are what I'm most likely to find here in Chile. And they are lame!

2 comentarios:

  1. Los colores del Camaro son como los del Camaro GS.R del equipo Momentum Race Group del campeonato IMSA CTSCC.


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