27 feb. 2015

ISIS destroys Mesopotamian statues

These bastards from ISIS! The group shared a barbaric video yesterday, in which they smash ancient artifacts from the 7th Century B.C., in the Mosul Museum (more info). I hate them so much! And yet... I feel the need to clarify that another all-out invasion from the West is definitively not the answer.

Stupid religion, this is another case of islamists destroying examples of "idolatry" (other than their own, of course), like when the Taliban dynamited the Bamiyan Buddhas. ISIS itself just destroyed many treasures from the Mosul Library last month.

This also reminds me an argument I often have with most people, when they say ancient artifacts should always be kept by their countries of origin. See what can happen? If these statues had been on the British Museum or the Louvre, they would be safe!

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