31 oct. 2014

"That Was the GDR" - Documentary (1993) Ep.1 I Was a Citizen of the GDR

This is a documentary I started watching yesterday, and I think is a must if you are interested to see how was life under communism during the Cold War. The first episode is below.

"Esta fue la RDA", es un documental que vale la pena ver, si les interesa (como a mi) cómo era la vida en la Europa comunista durante la Guerra Fría. En alemán, con subtítulos en inglés. Aquí está el primer capítulo.

"That Was the GDR" is great for being a German prodution, appropiately long (7 episodes of an hour and a half) to give time to treat many subjects deeply, interviewing many people and giving them time to express themselves. And it is from 1993, so the protagonists were alive, and their memories still fresh. 

I wanted to post this today, not only because we will soon celebrate 25 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall, but also because the main song heard in this first episode is "Halloween in Ostberlin" from the East German band Silly (lead by the girl you see on the screenshot above). Happy Halloween!

(The lyrics of the song deal with the collapse of East Germany, and are translated on the documentary)

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