22 oct. 2014

NEW Tomica 2015 January, February, March: Toyota Land Cruiser 70, Veneno, Tommykaira and more

Amazing news from Tomica. They are making a Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series in their Regular line. A classic off-roader that just recently came back into production in Japan to celebrate 30 years of its launch.

Pictures from the HelloToTomica SNS, via Tomica Fan Club (thanks ToyotaGeek!). No. 103 Toyota Land Cruiser 70.
More pictures and other new models for January and February 2015, after the jump.

Yes. I don't really know well how are they doing it, but for a whole year the 70 Series will again come out of a Japanese factory, after 10 years of its production ending there (it has continued in Venezuela). 

So having a Tomica model to celebrate this come back makes for an excelent surprise! And on top of all that, it looks like a really nicely done model.
I love the plastic headlamps, an the plastic bed doesn't seem to detract from the overall pleasant result. 
This colour appears to be only on the prototype, though, as this is supposed to be released in black. A pity, I think, because I really liked it in tan.

These is the leaked list of the so-far-known new releases for Tomica in 2015.

January 2015:
No. 13 Unknown model (regular and limited colors)
No. 34 ALSOK security car

Valentine Gift Set – Subaru Legacy B4 Patrol Car
Valentine Gift Set – Morita CD-I Fire Truck
Dream Tomica Kiiroitori

Dream Tomica Pikachu Lightning Yellow
Dream Tomica Evangelion NERV Official Business Coupe (might be the announced Mazda Cosmo from Misato - link)
Tomica Star Wars line

February 2015:
No. 118 Lamborghini Veneno (silver regular and yellow limited color)

No. 103 Toyota Land Cruiser (black dark blue)

Disney Motors Tap Minnie Mouse White Day Edition

March 2015:
No. 106 TommyKaira ZZ (yellow regular and red limited color)
Tommykaira ZZ Electric, by Tokumeigakarinoaoshima on Wikipedia.

No. 77 Hino Profia Nippon Express
No. 139 E3 Shinkansen (regular and limited colors)
Dream Tomica Hyper Rescue 0
Dream Tomica Pokemon Mega Charizard Y
Dream Tomica Miffy
Tomica Kuji 19
Hyper Blue Police line

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