19 ago. 2014

James May's "Cars of the People"

"Autos del Pueblo" de James May

Here's "Cars of the People" a series by James May I didn't know existed! This is the first episode, "Totalitarian transport", featuring popular cars born from dictatorships, like the VW Beetle, the Trabant and Lada. Via Tamerlane's Thoughts.

Aquí les dejo el primer capítulo de "Cars of the People" ("Autos del Pueblo"), una serie de James May que no sabía existía. En este episodio, "Transporte Totalitario", es protagonizado por los proyectos de famosos autos populares nacidos en dictaduras, como el VW Escarabajo, el Trabant y el Lada.

I like May's programmes way better than Jeremy Clarkson's. At least Captain Slow cares about the facts. And he doesn't throw pianos over Marinas... although from the intro, it seems like some old French cars do get shot on "Cars of the People".
Me gustan mucho más los programas de May que los de Jeremy Clarkson. Al menos "Captain Slow" se preocupa más de presentar datos reales... y no lanza pianos a los Morris Marina. Aunque la intro del programa muestra que lamentablemente algunos viejos autos franceses serán víctimas de una suerte de tiroteo recreativo.

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  1. It's a very recent series ! That first episode aired two weeks ago on BBC2, and the third, last episode aired tonight 24 August.

    It is an interesting program. A few mistakes and errors, as usual, and senseless car destruction (a 2CV and R4 get blown up in the second episode) but the ideas developed in this program are quite clever. Plus he rehabilitates the Fiat 124 as the second most produced car ever, after the VW Beetle. Well done.

    1. I finally got to see this episode right now. I was loving the programme, and had very nice things to say... until they dropped that poor Lada from the skies. Argh I hate this senseless car destruction!


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