3 mar. 2013

Berliners prostest to save the "East Side Gallery" on the Berlin Wall

Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Via The Guardian.
I thought that the remaining standing sectors of the Berlin Wall would be somehow protected from destruction: I was proved wrong by the news of the impending demolition of parts the wall nicknamed "East Side Gallery", because its covered with paintings. Luckily, Berliners protested and have been able to prevent its destruction, at least for now (source and futher info: The Guardian).

You can colaborate signing the online petition to support the preservation of the East Side Gallery, here: Change.org.

I expect at least some substantial track of it is actually preserved for the future. Such a defining structure for the 20th century can't just dissapear. And that's even more so for parts of the wall containing art created as part of its downfall in the late 80's / early 90's.

The protests during the demolitions works (Uploaded by SaymonMovie)

A tour of the East Side Gallery (Uploaded by cloudbansal). You can hear Chileans at 02:20!

Keep on protesting!

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